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On this page you can find the most important improvements for each release. By selecting a release you can find the release notes, download links and manuals for all of our releases. Because every release has its own documents, please click on the 'read more' under the release you are looking for to access its documentation.

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gUSE 3.7.3

Released on 23 September 2015

In this version we introduced an important change, the detailed DCI Bridge log about job processing. You can see the new detailed logs on the details page of the WS-PGRADE portal. The log contains the event ID, the event's start time, the elapsed time, and other optional event details.

gUSE 3.7.2

Released on 17 July 2015

An important change is the introduction of Workflow Editor. Workflow Editor is a useful tool integrated into WS-PGRADE that simplifies the workflow design, configuration and submission as well.

gUSE 3.7.1

Released on 15 June 2015

The main improvement of this gUSE version is the introduction of the Metabroker solution. The use of MetaBroker ensures the best resource selection for job submission: user can execute jobs in a resource where the time of job execution is the shortest of all currently available resources (clouds or grids).


Released on 10 March 2015

First change is the introduction of Liferay 6.2 as new framework system to WS-PGRADE portal. This change involves some improvements in the Liferay-based portlet administration of WS-PGRADE and a minor change in appearance of the WS-PGRADE portal. See details about the Liferay-based administration in Chap. III, IV, and VII of Admin Manual. About the Liferay upgrade in WS-PGRADE you read in the Upgrade Manual.

Second, there is a change in the Data Avenue-specific job configuration of WS-PGRADE: you can add robot certificate to your input file definition when you select the input by the help of Data Avenue. Additionally, you can use the Data Avenue not only in input definition but in executable settings of WS-PGRADE. Read details about:

  • robot permission in WS-PGRADE in Chap. 20 in User Manual
  • Data Avenue in Chap. 21 in User Manual

Third main improvement: Tomcat 7 became the application server of gUSE.

Finally, there are two CloudBroker-specific bug fixes in this release: a bug fix to clear CloudBroker-based data (softwares, executables) from cache when authentication data is changed and a bug fix related to job configuration: the defined binary is not removed from configuration when a new resource is selected by the user.

gUSE 3.6.8

Released on 23 September 2014

This release contains an improved gUSE support for cloud resource access. From this version the EGI FedCloud infrastructure, which uses OCCI-based technology, can also be accessed and used via gUSE. Currently, the accessibility of three EGI FedCloud endpoints is tested and guaranteed from gUSE: the LPDS, the BIFI, and the CESNET FedCloud endpoints.

More details for users: Chap. 18 in Menu-Oriented Online Help of Portal User Manual; for administrators: Sect. 5.19 in DCI Bridge Manual; the whole Cloud-Specific Administration Guide.

gUSE 3.6.7

Released on 15 August 2014.

From this version XSEDE grid resources are also supported by gUSE. Therefore, users can simply submit jobs to XSEDE resources as well. Note: the generator-type jobs are currently not supported by XSEDE resources. (More details: in Portal User Manual (chapter 24 of Menu-Oriented Online Help) and in DCI Bridge Manual (section 5.21)).

Another important change is the direct integration of Data Avenue tool into the job configuration and execution of WS-PGRADE. Thus, users can conveniently use the capabilities of Data Avenue for remote job input and output definitions. Note: The use of the Data Avenue-based job I/O function is currently guaranteed for the application of three storage protocols (SFTP, GSIFTP, and S3) and for four middleware types (local, gLite, CloudBroker, and EC2). (More details: in section 21.2 of Menu-Oriented Online Help in Portal User Manual.)

This release also contains fix for an SGE-specific bug (SourceForge bug report: #232).

gUSE 3.6.6

Released on 3 July 2014.

This version contains four relevant improvements affecting not directly the usage of gUSE:

  • Improving gLite-based job handling: DCI Bridge uses command line tools to manage gLite jobs instead of the old Java API of the WMS.
  • Improving proxy handling: WS-PGRADE portal uses cog-jglobus version 2.0.6 instead of version 1.8. Therefore the issue of SHA2-based certificate handling is solved.
  • Simplified Globus-specific plugins: the GT2 and GT4 middleware plugins are now using the GT5 plugin.
  • Improving Java support: from this version Java 7 is supported within the WS-PGRADE portal.

gUSE 3.6.5

Released on 24 June 2014.

The only one but important change in this version is the improvement of EC2-based direct cloud access.This modified solution is more comfortable to use, the users simultaneously can use several different clouds from the same portal (for example Amazon and a private academic cloud can be used at the same time), and the administrators don't need to install additional Euca2ools software to prepare master DCI Bridge.


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